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Committed to Data Openness & Collaborative Transparency.
Development Grant Request Letter 2011

The Skyboard Software is designed to graphically house an extensive portfolio of diverse start-up companies within a database.
A glimpse of the networks Gallery includes promising opportunities like:

  • A Major focus of Empowering Individuals to compound production of ideas into tangibility, processes or noun, virtually to simulate situational time-line variations or expand research over wider area to encompass greater data throughput and launch appropriately.
  • "Development is harder during recession times; but the future is not waiting for anyone. I contest we are assets within our generation so let us make the best of what is possible
    within these pivotal times available."
    - Joe Hatoum
  • Standing with the push for open.data among BC Cities, & Elsewhere.

Transparency. Openness. International cooperation.
Robotic Automation Is Human-Time Freedom.

World OpenData Resources

OpenData Vancouver BC, Canada
Toronto, 'building a city that thinks like the web'
Apps4 Ottawa, also with Ottawa OD services.

UK ~ data.gov.uk | Opening up government
A first step towards freeing London’s data
List of European Open Data Catalogues
The World Bank Open Data
USA Gov Data
Whitehouse OpenData
Apps For Communities . Gov Challenge.
UN Data, a world of information
OpenData ShowRoom
OpenData Directory
~ "Canada" - OpenData Directory
Arab Data
The Open Government Data Film
Apps 4 Africa


Much of this data never sees the light of day, and just sits gathering dust in a bureaucrat's office.